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YEN-Premium Masia Bird's Nest
  • YEN-Premium Masia Bird's Nest
  • YEN-Premium Masia Bird's Nest
  • YEN-Premium Masia Bird's Nest

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YEN-Premium Masia Bird's Nest

  • YEN-Premium Masia Bird's Nest
  • YEN-Premium Masia Bird's Nest
  • YEN-Premium Masia Bird's Nest

YEN-Premium Masia Bird's Nest


955616010559 - 6 bottle(s) x 50ml

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    The epitome of luxurious natural bird nest, harvested from the caves of Banjarmasin, Kalimantan.


    Bird’s Nest has stood the test of time for being a vital beauty substance. In 1981, American scientists discovered its beneficial wonders in the form of 2 collagen-rich amino acids that can accelerate cell multiplication and epidermis growth. Like a beauty DNA, it activates cell regeneration, restore skin’s firmness, structure and youthfulness.

    Then in 1992, Professor YC Kong from the Chinese University of Hong Kong identified the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Mitogenic Stimulation Factor (MSF) in bird’s nest that stimulate cell divisions, enhance tissue growth and promote cell-mediated immunity in our bodies to keep radiant, glowing skin.

    In 2017, Eu Yan Sang bird’s nest has clinical proven by China Medical University on the function of enhance tissue growth, skin moisturizing effect, and promote wound healing.

    • Our source of origin - Gamantong Caves
    • Stringent quality standards are applied in the production of the bird’s nest, ensuring every bottle of Eu Yan Sang Yen Bird’s Nest is of top-notch quality
    • Purest, natural, finest


    Our Philosophy:

    Serves only the purest bird’s nest essence for your health & beauty!

    PURE- Quality is our top priority for all Yen products; from sourcing of ingredients to processing to point-of-sales.

    PRISTINE- Every piece of Yen bird’s nest is meticulously cleaned manually by hand. To ensure that its natural essence is retained its production process exceeds industry standards and practices.

    HEALTH- The natural essence of bird’s nest offers a range of water-soluble glycoproteins and amino acids that are essential for health.

    BEAUTY- Amongst the many vital benefits, Yen bird’s nest essentially nourishes the body’s system from within to improve skin structure and complexion for that beautiful outer glow.


    Step 1: Stringent Selection and Cleaning Process
    The bird’s nest is meticulously cleaned by hand professionally, with no added chemicals such as bleaching properties.

    Step 2: The Testing of Water Quality
    Yèn persists on quality water to double boil the bird’s nest. The purified water is tested to ensure conformity to strict pH balance to maintain the cleanliness and safety.

    Step 3: Vacuum Filling
    Yèn bird’s nest is filled in a zero pollution filling room/dust-free environment. The golden ratio of bird’s nest and rock sugar solution fills the bottles and then vacuum-packed.

    Step 4: Proprietary Boiling Technique
    With the integration between traditional and modern technology, Yèn bird’s nests are boiled using proprietary boiling technique, preserving the natural essence and original taste.

    Step 5: High Pressure Sterilisation
    The vacuum-packed bird’s nest are processed through high pressure sterilisation process to ensure it is safe for consumption. Through this process, Yèn products is 100% free from preservatives and stabilisers.

    Step 6: Bacteria-free Testing
    To ensure the products are safe for consumption, samples of Yèn products are tested to guarantee all products are bacteria free and is 100% safe for consumption.

    Step 7: Flashing of UV Lights
    Every bottle of Yèn is tested with ultraviolet (UV) light to ensure its content conforms to its uncompromising quality to produce the best bird’s nest in every bottle.

    Step 8: Packaging
    After labelling, weighing, boxing and final QC are performed, every bottle is stamped with manufacturing date and expiry date. Hence, Yèn Ready-to-drink bird’s nest is officially ready.


    Product Functions:

       Anti-aging & rejuvenates skin

      Strengthens immunity

       Enhances pregnant mom & Baby’s health

      Nourishes the lungs, relieves cough

      Improves digestive health & Replenishes vital energy




    • Rich in collagen, can maintain the support, strength and elasticity of the dermis layer.
    • Rich in mitogenic stimulation factor and epidermal growth factor that stimulate the proliferation and regeneration of skin cells, allow rapid repair of damaged epidermis.


    • Effective in enhancing spleen, stomach and lunch. It is also highly nourishing for children or elderly with poor appetite and those recovering from illness and surgery.
    • Bird’s nest are rich in active glycoprotein in enhancing cell recognition, fights bacteria and virus attacks which helps to build a stronger immune system.


    • Provide nutrients for pregnant mothers and foetus.
    • Nausea and morning sickness may cause pregnant mothers to lose appetite and nutrition intake. By consuming bird’s nest helps to provide nutrients such as water-soluble amino acids, glycoproteins, minerals and vitamins to pregnant mothers and foetus.


    • Promotes breast milk quality. According to research in 2003, bird’s nest contained sialic acid, a key substance in bird’s nest (Colombo,2003). Sialic acid in bird’s nest contributes to neurological and intellectual advantage in babies (Chau,2003). The high nutrients in bird’s nest will strengthen baby’s lungs, develop his/her immune system and enhance skin complexion. 
    • Promotes the recovery of uterus in mothers.



       Bird’s nest    

       Rock sugar solution

    100% No Additive

       No Preservative       

       No Bleaching Agent

       No stabilizer


    • Keep in a cool and dry place.
    • Once bottle is opened, keep refrigerated and consume it within 12 hours.
    • This is a natural product. No preservative, artificial colouring and food stabilizer is added. Hence, the appearance might change over time and yet safe for consumption.
    • 2-3 bottles per week. (On empty stomach in the morning/ before sleep).



Bird’s Nest has high glycoprotein content, growth factors and a neutral energetic property, which help boost a weak immune system.

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