(Gift Box) Niah 5*70ml

(Gift Box) YEN-Bird's Nest
Love Passion 5*50ml

(Gift Box) YEN-Bird's Nest
First Love 4*50ml

(Gift Box) EYS-Ginkgo Biloba Extract
EOCGB 7*70gm

(CNY Gift Box) EYS-Ginkgo Biloba Extract
EOCGB 10*70gm

HM Honey Gift Box

(Gift Box) Energizing Ginseng Tea

EYS Matured American
Ginseng Slices 40gm

Cordyceps In EOC Gift Box
40ml*6 Bottles

YEN Se7en Lavender 1 box &
YEN Se7en Osmanthus Bird's Nest 1 box

*Terms and Condition apply:
• Maximum 2 units per transaction. Limited to 100 sets per day.
• Not applicable to any others on-going promotions.