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Menstrual cycle refers to changes that take place in a female body monthly that gives her possibility to get pregnant. When it comes to the monthly period of ovulation, the female ovary shall produce a matured ovum which is to be transported to the uterus through the fallopian tube. The endometrium will grow thicker at the same time to prepare for embedding of the fertilized ovum and development of the fetus. If the ovum is not fertilized, the thickened endometrium will detach and get discharged from her body as her hormone level declines. The endometrium discharge is called menstruation. The normal menstrual cycle is about 21-35 days and every female’s cycle varies. There won’t be any problem as long as one’s cycle is regular.

A female will be physically and psychologically weak during her menstrual period. She will experience mood swings because of hormonal effect. She will be very frustrated if she has the issue of menstrual pain that might affect her sleep too. She even feels unpleasant and irritated in every situation! But why does she have to suffer from menstrual pain during her period?  

It definitely has to do with the influence of hormone! When her endometrium is detached, it became menstruation and prostaglandin is produced and causes uterus contraction leading to menstrual pain. The level of pain suffered by every female is different, and those who are physically weaker will have more severe pain, some cannot even leave their bed and they have to take painkiller as well as take MC in order to rest at home!

Here is a good piece of advice for all: From one week before menstruation starts, don't consume any raw or cold food or drinks like sashimi, or cold drinks like bubble milk tea, ice-cream, desserts, etc, and try to avoid any food that are stimulating or spicy, like hot and spicy soup!

To every boyfriend, husband or male colleague, besides keep asking her to drink hot water, you can make her a cup of warm brown sugar ginger tea or jujube drink. You can also prepare her some hot packs to keep her abdomen and heart warm! It will then be very easy for you to become a perfect boyfriend for her!