General Wellness

Inner Harmony, Hence Vitality

There’s only a spoonful of hormones secreted during one’s lifetime. Additionally, the hormones concentration in our blood streams is very low. But what’s the reason for this little amount of hormones to be this crucial to one’s health and good looks? It must be due to the hormone’s role as the key to youth keeping.


Metabolism: Many of the body's hormones contribute to metabolic function, such as Insulin for the lowering of blood sugar insulin and also for the synthesis of glycogen, fat and the hormones for protein synthesis. It can also regulate the metabolism of various nutrients to maintain normal metabolism of the body. Another example would be Thyroid hormone, which is responsible for the monitoring of metabolic hormones.


Sleeping Quality: Nights of quality sleepare closely linked with the sleep hormone melatonin and serotonin on sleep quality plays an important effect.


Fine Body Shape: Hormones can break down fats in the body and excrete them.This is why middle-aged people often faced hormonal decline, which describes why their body weight continuously increasesalthough they have been eating lesser than they used to. Furthermore, loss of appetite or overeating can be caused by hormonal imbalance.


Sex Desire: Hormones help promote sex desire, which experts say can aid in the feeling of happiness as well as a younger body status for one to have favorable sex.