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Hormones control the physical changes of women throughout their lifetimes, from girls they become women, as they experience youth, birth-giving, and menopause. It also means that hormones have great influence over their beauty and health. Hormones play a significant role in a woman’s body. Hormones is a kind of chemical substance produced by the endocrine gland. Female sex hormones consist of estrogen and progesterone. Other hormones inside our bodies include insulin and thyroid hormones, etc.

Estrogen is the key to keep women healthy, for example, the growth of women’s wombs, the elasticity of their vaginal wall, the development of their breasts, the health of their bones. And it helps maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and the gloss and moisture of their skin, etc. Progesterone helps to enhance metabolism and break down fat, as well as to stabilize the endometrium that facilitates the implantation of fertilized eggs. 

If hormone disorder occurs, there will be problems like skin ageing, pigmentation, out of shape bodies, menstrual irregularities, severe menstrual pain or cold hands and feet, and it even increases the risk of gynecological and other diseases.

According to a US study report, women between the age of 18-25 are in their prime of youth, and their secretion system has reached its peak. After 35 years old, their estrogen level will decline, hormone level will decrease, and their body organs will start ageing and shrinking, eventually, their skin will become dull and rough and pine away.

Since hormones are indispensable to women’s health, it is very important to have balanced hormones. Our bodies need proper nutrition to function normally. Hence, over-dieting is not advisable just because you want to maintain a slim figure as this will lead to malnutrition. You might not be aware that it will cause hormonal imbalance in the long run! You must consume sufficient high-quality protein like fish, eggs, beans; good fat like nuts, avocados, chia seeds, flax seeds and ocean fishes; fresh vegetables and fruits, especially cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard, etc; At the same time, you have to reduce consumption of food made of refined flour, fried or processed food, as well as raw and uncooked food. 

You need to adjust your lifestyle in your daily lives, like avoid staying up overnight, no smoking and consuming alcohol, and you must exercise regularly to improve your blood circulation. It helps to improve your problem of hormone irregularity. For supplementation, you can drink more Qi and Blood Nourishing Tea, red dates and longans, ginger tea with black sugar, etc. You should have proper nutrition and recuperation after menstruation by taking Bak Foong pills and Ba Zhen soup, etc, which are good choices for you!

But remember, if you still experience severe hormone imbalance and there is no improvement even after you have adjusted your diet and your lifestyle, it is best to seek treatment from a professional doctor.