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Photo (right to left): Dominic Wong (Group CEO, EYSI), Richard Eu (Chairman, EYSI), Mrs Lim, Master Lim Choon Huat (Founder, CCTH), Lim Kim Yen (Founder, Madam Partum), Richie Eu (MD, Mergers & Acquisitions, EYSI)


Eu Yan Sang International Invests in Chien Chi Tow Healthcare,

Strengthening Its Presence in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Singapore, 9 November 2023 – Eu Yan Sang International (EYSI), one of Asia’s leading Health & Wellness companies with a strong heritage in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is pleased to announce that it has made a substantial investment into Chien Chi Tow Healthcare Pte Ltd (CCTH). CCTH provides TCM services and products through Chien Chi Tow, a Singapore-based, 50-year-old heritage brand and pre- and post-partum wellness services through its subsidiary, Madam Partum.

EYSI’s decision to invest in CCTH reflects its ongoing ambition and commitment towards expanding quality health and wellness offerings for its consumers. Several of its representatives will also join CCTH’s Board of Directors in furtherance of this investment, reflecting EYSI’s intention to actively participate in the growth of these brands as part of its expanded portfolio.


This will bring together EYSI’s best-in-market product innovation capabilities with Chien Chi Tow’s and Madam Partum’s recognition and renown with customers, bolstering each companies’ respective standing in the TCM and Health & Wellness space.

The combination of EYSI’s rich history and trailblazing healthcare solutions with Chien Chi Tow's expertise in both Tuina (musculoskeletal relief) and perinatal solutions for women under the Madam Partum brand are also expected to further reinforce EYSI’s leading position in Singapore’s Health and Wellness industry. EYSI’s highly trusted products and formulations will be made available at Chien Chi Tow and Madam Partum clinics, further backed by EYSI’s capabilities to deliver enhanced service treatments. Likewise, EYSI’s clinic and retail network will benefit from a further boost in its already diversified offerings.


The investment will also augment EYSI’s extensive footprint, incorporating CCTH’s outlets into its roster of over 180 retail outlets throughout Asia and 30 TCM clinics. These include 2 integrative health clinics under the One Wellness Medical brand, a unique East-West model that draws on the benefits of both conventional general practices (GP) and complementary TCM services.

"Eu Yan Sang has consistently championed the modernization of TCM and its accessibility to consumers. By welcoming Chien Chi Tow Healthcare and Madam Partum into our fold, we are strengthening our already market-leading clinic business with more specialized and targeted clinical services.” Mr Dominic
Wong, Group CEO of EYSI, said.

Founded in 1969 by Master Lim Choon Huat, Chien Chi Tow started as a martial arts institute, later leveraging its roots in TCM philosophies to formulate a holistic system of Tuina techniques. In 2017, the brand launched Madam Partum under the leadership of his daughter, Ms Lim Kim Yen, providing wellness offerings geared towards pre-partum and post-partum care. Madam Partum’s comprehensive suite of services has shaped the brand into an essential partner for mothers on their perinatal journey.

“Joining forces with Eu Yan Sang International, a company I have long admired, is both an honour and a pivotal moment for Chien Chi Tow Healthcare. This collaboration not only validates our decades of dedication to TCM but also opens up a horizon of new possibilities. We are enthusiastic about bringing our specialized expertise in our services and holistic TCM treatments to a wider audience, and I firmly believe that together with EYSI, we can redefine the future of TCM in Asia,” Master Lim Choon Huat, 
founder of Chien Chi Tow, said.

“We are delighted to embark on this exciting path with Eu Yan Sang International Ltd. Our journey at Madam Partum has always been about empowering mothers and providing holistic TCM-based solutions during the crucial pre- partum and post-partum phases. This partnership with Eu Yan Sang aligns perfectly with our mission to make high-quality TCM healthcare more accessible. Together, we are able to bring our specialized care to even more mothers and families,” Ms Yen Lim, founder of Madam Partum, expressed.


Both Chien Chi Tow and Madam Partum will retain their individual brand identities. The investment embodies EYSI’s vision to strike strategic partnerships with exciting companies that feature profound domain expertise, exceptional talents, and a strong brand identity, particularly in TCM and Health & Wellness categories.


About Chien Chi Tow

Established in 1969 by Master Lim Choon Huat, Chien Chi Tow began as a martial arts institute. Over the years, we observed and mastered the commonalities between the disciplines of martial arts and healing arts, allowing us to bridge the knowledge and skills of both. This paved the way for us to become a renowned TCM brand in Singapore, offering a comprehensive suite of holistic solutions, including tuina and acupuncture treatments.

A new brand, Madam Partum was born in 2017, drawing on the expertise of the existing Chien Chi Tow team, Yen relentlessly researched the TCM tuina techniques and herbal knowledge to provide a complete suite of products and services for mothers going through the perinatal journey. Madam Partum is currently the leading TCM Pre and Postpartum specialist care center, helping mothers achieve a complete and wholesome recovery journey through their holistic programme.


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