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Soup Pack - Traditional Wisdom in a Modern Look

Majority Chinese family adheres soup drinking during meals. It may be the influence of Guangdong culture. It is believed that soup has the ability to rejuvenate your body.

Did You Know?

The use of Chinese herbs in culinary exists since ancient times. Besides adding flavour to the dishes, they have certain properties to improve overall health and may aid healing on regular consumption. Each herbs paired have their own properties that affect bodily functions. The same goes to soup.

Soup is nutritious, filling, easily digested as all ingredients are double-boiled into a bowl of concentrated nourishing soup. Similar with other Asian type of soups, there are few types of basic traditional soup stocks, which we call broth. This includes chicken, pork, white, fish, coarse and refined broths.

In the good old days (during your grandmother’s era or maybe your mother’s), they would go to two locations to get their ingredients for soup: the Traditional herbs shop and the market.

The Innovation

Most people head to traditional herbs shops to get their ingredients for soup boiling. The staff or sensei would select the ingredients based on customers’ needs. However, this is quite a slow process as they had to attend to few customers at a same time. Moreover, the measurement wasn’t always accurate and the hygiene of the herbs was not in consideration. There were chances of ingredients pack wrongly mistaken! Those days!

Eu Yan Sang realised that this is a good opportunity to ease the problems faced and provide convenience to the customers as well. They introduced pre-packed soup ingredients in the 1980s, considered to be the pioneer in Traditional Chinese herbs. It wasn’t that popular at first as people back then. Today, even though pre-packed soup ingredients is not the flagship product of Eu Yan Sang, it managed to be one of the essential kitchen recipes one must have at home.

The modern herbal soup now are packed according to prescriptions for specific needs and nourishment. Cleansed, processed yet maintaining its premium quality. It is even suitable for working adults who don’t have extra time to prepare soup as part of their meals. With English description on its packaging, it is widely favoured by non-Chinese speaking customers as well.

An ancient Chinese proverb says that a good doctor treats with food first and medicine second. Healing soups are a time-honoured tradition to cure illnesses and rebalance the forces of Yin and Yang in the body.

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