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Together We Grow

A country develops in alliance with its citizens. This year, Malaysia turns 60 but Eu Yan Sang turns 138! Similar to a country, a brand develops and improves in alliance with its consumers.

Every country has its own goals to achieve, as for Malaysia, it is Wawasan 2020! With a rich heritage of 138 years, Eu Yan Sang is one of the largest TCM groups in Asia. Like Malaysia, we have our goal and focus as well. Our focus has always been on providing Chinese medicine, herbs and products of the finest quality to customers.

Generations of customers have enjoyed the benefits of our products ranging from dietary supplements, health foods, beverages, packaged tonic soups to personal care products. As we merge towards a better future, here are 10 amazing facts about Malaysia that you may not know Malaysia has achieved! (We will share another 10 on Eu Yan Sang!)


1. Langkawi is home to the steepest cable car in the world.

SkyCab in Langkawi is the steepest cable car ride on Earth and takes visitors up 708m above sea level to Langkawi's second highest peak of Mt. Machinchang, where the view of the surrounding islands is simply breath-taking.

2. Penang is ranked as one of the world’s top 10 cities for street food.

It is commonly known as the food capital of Malaysia as well. It’s been praised of the street food of this island state of the northwest coast of Malaysian peninsula, especially Little India and Chinatown areas od Georgetown.

3. Malaysia is actually more famous as the world’s second largest producer of refined tin.

Malaysia Smelting Corporation processes up to 35,000 tonnes of primary and secondary refined tin per year.

4. Malaysia is the only country that includes territory both on the mainland of Southeast Asia and in the islands that stretch between the Asian continental mass and Oceania.

5. The biggest roundabout in the world is located at Putrajaya.

It is 3.5 km in diameter.

6. The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, were the world’s tallest buildings from 1998–2004.

They are still regarded as the world’s tallest “twin” buildings. A skyscraper boom took place and taller buildings were built in UAE, China, Saudi Arabia, USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

7. Malaysia is the only place in the world where the war against Communism was won.

The 12-year guerrilla warfare conducted by Communist forces was finally put down in 1960. This period was known as the Malayan Emergency.

8. Taman Negara is the largest National Park in Malaysia.

But how big is it? Taman Negara covers an area of 4,343 sq km, it is seven times the size of Singapore.

9. Malaysia has the highest ruling houses in the world.

There are 9 distinct reigning royal families, which means a family might not rule at all for a century or longer.

10. KL Tower (421m) appears to be taller than the Petronas Towers.

This is because it is built on top of a 94m hill.

Well, Eu Yan Sang has of course achieved quite a lot during the 138 years.

1. We’re 138 years old

Eu Yan Sang was founded in 1879 by a man called Eu Kong, who was concerned about the welfare of opium-addicted tin miners in Malaya. We have been the go-to brand for more than a century among people in Asia seeking relief from illness.

2. We’ve helped families for generations

From a small medical hall in Malaya, we currently have some 300 retail outlets and clinics in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Australia.

3. We pair ancient wisdom with modern practices

Our deep domain knowledge in TCM does not conflict with rigorous science. We frequently collaborate with science-based research institutions.

4. We make healthcare convenient

For busy urbanites, no more tedious preparations! We’ve done the brewing, extracted the goodness, and made them into powders, pills, capsules, teas and liquids for easy consumption.

5. We’re sticklers for product quality and safety

Our unique quality control system uses herb fingerprinting technology. From source to end-products, we’ve always complied with GAP, GLP and GMP guidelines when it comes to quality and safety.

6. We’re certified by professional bodies

Our manufacturing facilities are GMP- and ISO9001-certified. These certifications are overseen by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and the International Organization for Standardization.

7. We believe in food as medicine

We believe that food product innovation can promote healthy eating. That’s why we’re worked with Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, to develop new items that incorporate TCM ingredients, such as the Nestum 3-in-1 Herbal Cereal Drinks.

8. We leave endangered animals alone

We were one of the first TCM brands that pledged never to sell or use parts derived from endangered animals, such as the tiger, rhinoceros and bear. Our physicians are trained to prescribe herbal alternatives that do not feed into this unethical demand.

9. We’re always looking for new, sustainable sources

One success story in this area is the development of a cultivatable and vegetarian-friendly strain of cordyceps. This means lower prices, purer products and regular supply, thanks to steady and scalable production methods.

10. We’re constantly developing better production procedures

Together with our research partners, we have devised a process that can attain purer red yeast rice. The old fermentation method produces by-products that could cause herb-drug interactions.

From a small, home-grown business to a public company with global ambitions, our values to care for mankind remain constant and unchanging. They are as relevant today as they were in the past. This is our heritage. The same goes to Malaysia that has been improving since independence. When the people improve, the nation improves, the country will improve.