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30 Days Basic Package
  • 30 Days Basic Package
  • 30 Days Basic Package
  • 30 Days Basic Package

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30 Days Basic Package

  • 30 Days Basic Package
  • 30 Days Basic Package
  • 30 Days Basic Package

30 Days Basic Package



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    The foundation of confinement is to supplement the postpartum woman according to 4 stages of confinement period. Eu Yan Sang Postnatal Care Package, adding in Gold Label Bak Foong Pills, Zhui Feng So Hup Pills, Sheng Hua Soup, 15 types of herbal Soup, Qi & Blood Nourishing Tea, Pure Chicken Essence, Pure Essence of Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelia, Niah bird’s nest, ginger liquer, and botanica herbal bath to help every postpartum mother to recover from the rigors of childbirth and achieve comprehensive tonification. 

    Each package comes with a postnatal care timetable and confinement & baby care handbook which makes confinement so easy and worry- free. 

    Eu Yan Sang is trusted brand for generations, stringent selection non-sulphur treated Chinese herbs and passed quality inspection. Safe and convenient!  


    1. Sheng Hua Soup (65g) x1
    2. Zhui Feng So Hup Pills (6 sachets x4gm) x1
    3. Gold Label Bak Foong Pills (6 bottles x14gm) x1
    4. Qi & Blood Nourishing Tea x30 
    5. Chinese Yam Appetizing Herbal Soup (92g) x2
    6. Huang Qi Nurturing Herbal Soup (69g) x2
    7. Codonopsis Qi Tonify Herbal soup (64g) x2
    8. Dang Gui Blood Nourishing Herbal Soup (65g) x2
    9. Du Zhong Ba Zhen Vitalizing Herbal Soup (84g) x2
    10. Dang Gui Jian Pi Herbal Soup (61g) x2
    11. Cordyceps Flower Herbal Soup (65g) x2
    12. Du Zhong Waist Strengthening Herbal Soup (80g) x2
    13. American Ginseng Qi Tonify Herbal Soup (63g) x2
    14. Morinda Root Waist Tonic Herbal Soup (56g) x2
    15. Tian- Ma Energizing Herbal Soup (60g) x2
    16. Shen Qi Revitalize Herbal Soup (62g)  x2
    17. Perfect -Ten Herbal Soup (73g) x2
    18. Shou Wu Hair Tonifying Herbal Soup (107g) x2
    19. Walnut Revitalizing Herbal Soup (85g) x2