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Our Products

Since our early beginnings, Eu Yan Sang has focused on providing Chinese medicine and herbs of the finest quality to customers. With over 1000 different types of Chinese herbs in store, we are probably the best-stocked TCM retailer in the region.

With our ever-growing product range, we currently market around 900 products under the Eu Yan Sang brand, including flagship products such as Bak Foong Pills (for women’s health) and Bo Ying Compound (for infant health).

Some best-selling products include Eu Yan Sang’s Bottled Bird’s Nest (to promote general health), Lingzhi Cracked Spores Capsules (to strengthen the immune system), Hou Ning Powder (to relieve coughs) and Essence of Chicken (to replenish energy and nourish blood).

Generations of customers have enjoyed the unique benefits of these products. Our product range has also expanded to include dietary supplements, health foods, beverages, packaged tonic soups and personal care products. 

Flagship Products

Generations of customers have enjoyed the unique benefits of our flagship products such as Bak Foong Pills and Bo Ying Compound which derived from ancient TCM formulas. We have improved formulations, packaging formats and the dosage convenient for consumption.

  Bo Ying Compound

Bak Foong Pills

Care for women's health.

Bo Ying Compound

Care for infants' health.

TCM Herbs

In TCM, herbs can be consumed like food because they share the same sources. At Eu Yan Sang, we take stringent steps to source and grade our herbs, putting them through meticulous tests to ensure the utmost in quality, efficacy and safety. With over 1000 types of raw herbs in store, we are probably the best-stocked TCM retailer outside of China.


TCM Solutions

Through our modern packaging – which comes in capsule, granule, pill, powder and sachet forms – our customers have convenient access to TCM solutions without compromising its efficacy.

Cough and Cold Series   Classical Formulaes

Cough and Cold Series

Relief for common cough and cold.

Classical Formulaes

Ancient wisdom validated with science.
  Immunity and Support

Modern Health Solutions

Health supplements for modern lifestyle needs.

Vitality & Immunity Support

Boosts the immune system, clears the respiratory system, promotes Blood flow.

Health Foods

At Eu Yan Sang, we remain steadfast in the TCM principle that "food is medicine, and medicine is food". To include TCM easily as part of their lifestyle, we ensure that our health foods are ready-to-consume, and free from preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring.

Bird's Nest Series   Honey Series    

Bird's Nest Series

For general wellness and beauty care.

Honey Series

For general wellness.
Essence of Chicken Series   Tonic Soup Series

Essence of Chicken & Fish Series

For vitality and general wellness.

Tonic Soup Series

For general wellness.
Herbal Jelly Series   Tonic Wine Series

Multigrain Drink Series

For general wellness.

Tonic Wine Series

For general wellness.
VINIGEN Health Vinegar Series   Tea Series

Vinegar Series

For an energetic body system.

Tea Series

For general wellness.