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Eu Yan Sang Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest 3 pieces
  • Eu Yan Sang Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest 3 pieces
  • Eu Yan Sang Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest 3 pieces

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Eu Yan Sang Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest 3 pieces

  • Eu Yan Sang Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest 3 pieces
  • Eu Yan Sang Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest 3 pieces

Eu Yan Sang Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest 3 pieces


955616080555 - 3 pieces/box

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A superior health food rich in digestible proteins and a host of other nutrients. An ideal supplement for those with chronic cough, for women during pre and post natal times, and for health rejuvenation.

Additional Information


    Hua Yan Bird’s Nests are originally harvested from selected caves in Sarawak.  Its tri-colour strands (Red, Yellow, White) are left intact in its natural proportions so the original goodness of cave minerals and nutrients from the swiftlet’s rich diet is maintained. 

    In the early years, the tri-coloured bird’s nests are differentiated by its strand colour, but today, Eu Yan Sang sells it in its original form without differentiating its strands’ colour because its individual colour strands have its own mineral and nutrient making a complete bird’s nest more beneficial.

    Hua Yan Bird’s Nests are previously known as Spring Bird’s Nests (春燕) because of Spring season. When flowers bloom and rain falls, there will be plenty of insects (food) for the swiftlets. During this season, the swiftlets have plentiful of food, making them stronger and healthier. When they build their nest, the strands are thicker and stronger with fewer feathers thus making the Hua Yan’s Bird’s Nest of better quality. Hence, Eu Yan Sang insist on using this season’s bird’s nests to become Hua Yan Bird’s Nests. 

    Because the Spring Bird’s Nests colours are beautiful like the flowers in spring, it is now named as Hua Yan (Hua= flower in Chinese) which also represent the quality of bird’s nests and also portrays family warmth and happiness. 


    Bird’s Nest has stood the test of time for being a vital beauty substance. In 1981, American scientists discovered its beneficial wonders in the form of 2 collagen-rich amino acids that can accelerate cell multiplication and epidermis growth. Like a beauty DNA, it activates cell regeneration, restore skin’s firmness, structure and youthfulness.

    Then in 1992, Professor YC Kong from the Chinese University of Hong Kong identified the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Mitogenic Stimulation Factor (MSF) in bird’s nest that stimulate cell divisions, enhance tissue growth and promote cell-mediated immunity in our bodies to keep radiant, glowing skin.

    In 2017, Eu Yan Sang bird’s nest has clinical proven by China Medical University on the function of enhance tissue growth, skin moisturizing effect, and promote wound healing.


    1. Iron- Restores healthy skin & Enhances immunity system
    2. Potassium- Delivers oxygen to brain, promotes clear thinking
    3. Magnesium- Helps calcium absorption & Reduces osteopetrosis
    4. Phosphorus- Regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism
    5. Lodine- Promotes healthy skin and hair
    6. Sodium- Effectively maintains acid-base balance
    7. Calcium- Improves bone health & Regulates heartbeat


    1. Bird’s nest cups will expand more after soaking
    2. Meticulously cleaned by hand to retain its natural nutritional value
    3. Low moisture content (No water spraying)
    4. Clean with filtered water
    5. Mild fragrance of protein
    6. No gum added
    7. No bleaching
    8. No artificial colouring

    1. Identification finger printing test
    2. Heavy metal test
    3. Nitrite content test
    4. Moisture content test
    5. Microbiological test
    6. Chlorine content test


    1. Skin nourishment
    2. Reduce wrinkles
    3. Promotes wound healing
    4. Nourishes the lung
    5. Preventing Spots
    6. Improves digestion and appetite
    7. Enhance baby mental development 
    8. Strengthen immune system


    Scientific Benefits of EGF & MSF in bird’s nest:

       Enhance immunity

    Cell-mediated immunity helps to build stronger immune system while active glycoproteins enhance cell recognition, fights bacteria and virus attacks, Histidine purifies oxidants in body cells to modulate our immune system. 

       Energise & Restore the radiance of a beautiful bride
    To be the most beautiful person on her wedding day takes months of stressful preparation. Ultimately, it takes a toll on her health and complexion. The Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Mitogenic Stimulation Factor (MSF) found in bird’s nest can help to repair damaged epidermis rapidly. It activates cells and simultaneously rejuvenates skin; The end result is a beautiful bride with flawless radiant looking skin on her big day.

       Enhance baby’s health & intelligence
    A beautiful, smart and healthy baby will bring smile to every mother’s face, Bird’s Nest is known to be packed with nutrition. According to a research in 2003, it is confirmed that bird’s nest contains sialic acid, a key substance in bird’s nest (Colombo,2003). Sialic acid in bird’s nest contributes to neurological and intellectual advantage in babies (Chau,2003). Acknowledged for generations to benefit babies, the high nutrients in bird’s nest will strengthen baby’s lungs, develop his/her immune system and enhance his/her complexion.

       Healthier spleen, stomach & lungs
    Considered as a super tonic enriched with nourishing properties to harmonize the body’s system, bird’s nest is effective in enhancing the spleen, stomach and lungs. It is also highly nourishing for children with poor appetite and those recovering from illness and surgery.

    Great nutrition for pregnant mothers & babie

       Before delivery
    Nausea and morning sickness may cause pregnant mothers to lose appetite and nutrition intake. By consuming bird’s nest helps to provide nutrients such as water-soluble amino acids, glycoproteins, minerals and vitamins to improve their well-being to provide nutrients for their baby in the womb. After the first trimester of pregnancy, the earlier pregnant mothers consume bird’s nest, the more beneficial it is for both herself and the foetus.

       After delivery
    Continuous consumption of bird’s nest will tremendously improve the quality of the mother’s milk which will enhance her baby’s health and mental development. It is also known to aid the womb and recovery of stretch marks.


    Use 1 piece each time, for 2-3 persons. Steep in warm water for 2 hours or until expanded and texture softened. Place the soaked bird’s nest in a double boiler with 2 bowls (400ml) of water and 40g of cane sugar. Double-boil for 3 hours with moderate flame. Please place unused bird’s nest in the refrigerator.


Bird’s Nest has high glycoprotein content, growth factors and a neutral energetic property, which help boost a weak immune system.

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