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Arts & Culture

With our guiding principles of "Caring for Mankind", and our commitment to be a responsible and caring leader, Eu Yan Sang has actively contributed to the arts and culture community in the countries we operate. In 2004, we were recognised as the Patron of the Arts by the National Arts Council Singapore. 

2005 - 2014: Sponsorship of the annual Chingay Parade in Singapore

For nine consecutive years, we participated as a sponsor in the Chingay Parade, an annual street parade that celebrates Singapore’s multi-cultural uniqueness during the Lunar New Year.

Picture: Chingay 2012

2008 & 2011: Support of The Arts House Singapore in the 'Spotlight Singapore' programme

We supported The Arts House Singapore in the ‘Spotlight Singapore’ programme in Moscow as well as Cape Town, showcasing exquisite herbal-foods reception cocktail to influential Singaporean, Russian and South African business communities

2010: Support of the Pudu Community Art Project

We supported the Pudu Community Art Project to identify and promote the uniqueness and cultural values of the Pudu community through various outreach programmes.

Picture: Pudu Community Art Project 2010

2003: Participation as a Production Sponsor for the Singapore musical "Forbidden City"

We participated as a production sponsor for the renowned Singapore musical "Forbidden City" and hosted its gala reception graced by the then Prime Minister, Mr Goh Chok Tong, and several Cabinet ministers.

2003: Partial Sponsorship of the Re-opening of the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore

We supported the re-opening of the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore as a part-sponsor.