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Confinement is a traditional post-natal practice that allows new mothers to recuperate and recover after delivery. The confinement period usually last for 4 weeks.

During pregnancy, the mother’s body will experience changes in order to accommodate for the growth of the foetus and its nutritional needs. After delivery, the mother’s body will gradually revert to its pre-natal state, which includes recovery of the perineal wound, contraction of the uterus, recovery of the heart, improved elasticity of the skin, and the strengthening of joints and ligaments. The more care taken during the confinement period, the quicker and better the mother will recover.

The upgraded Eu Yan Sang Post-natal Package is specially formulated according to the traditional confinement practices, with specially selected Traditional Chinese herbs to help new mothers recover from the rigours of childbirth. This package also includes an informative post-natal guidebook and dietary planner - everything a new mother needs for a speedy recovery and general good health.