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Why Not - Liver Retreat Set
  • Why Not - Liver Retreat Set

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Why Not - Liver Retreat Set

  • Why Not - Liver Retreat Set

Why Not - Liver Retreat Set


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    Why liver flush?
    Our liver (the largest internal organ) is perhaps the most congested of all organs in our body. Pesticides, food additives, hydrogenated fat, fried food, alcohol, smoking, synthetics found in household, beauty and personal care products and medicines, etc can all disrupt the hundreds of intricate biochemical processes in the liver. 

    Radiation exposure from mobile phones, computers, especially wireless devices is another silent liver killer. As most of us are spending lots of time using these devices, it has become a critical health issue.

    Liver disharmony is closely associated with emotional stress such as anger, impatience, frustration, hatred and anxiety. Such emotions can increase blood acid level and intoxicate the liver.

    When do you do it?
    It is hardly possible to avoid both environmental and emotional harms, hence, a liver cleansing has become essential.
    You may practice this REtreat once every 3 months.
    • Constantly feeling angry, frustrated or depressed. Prone to mood swings or overly emotional.
    • Tiredness, sleep disorder (particularly often waking up at around 3am)
    • Dark circles under eyes, dull skin
    • Bad breath, body odour
    • Coated tongue 
    • All kinds of skin diseases 
    • Oily hair, hair fall 
    • Constipation


    DURATION: 10 days
    REMEDY (amount required): 
    Lemon Juice*† 2 tbsp
    Olive Oil* (Extra Virgin) 1 tsp
    Molasses* 1 tbsp
    Cayenne Pepper* 1 pinch
    Warm Water ½ cup
    Remarks: For adolescents (10–14 years old), reduce the portion to half

    Mix well and drink first thing in the morning for 10 days continuously.
    During Liver REtreat, some may experience discomfort such as headache, fatigue, indigestion, etc. These are the reversal syndromes indicating that our body is recovering gradually from imbalance. The symptoms will disappear and you will soon regain your vitality. 

    1. Liver performs at its peak from 1am to 3am. Overworking, sleeping or eating too late will interfere with liver detoxification. Practice taking early dinner,eating smaller portions and sleeping before 10pm are best for your liver. 
    2. Liver is the warmest organ of our body. Hot compress using yarrow or chamomiletea improves liver health. Begin with once daily for a week, followed by 3 times a week for another month.
    3. Eat high fibre foods to prevent constipation. Toxic waste stuck in the colon can be reabsorbed into the blood stream, causing self-poisoning and further burden to the liver. 
    4. Liver purifying food: 
    • Artichoke
    • Dandelion tea 
    • Yarrow tea 
    • Bitter melon tea
    • Milk thistle seeds
    • Fenugreek seeds 
    • Turmeric powder 
    • Organic wheat grass, barley grass and chlorella—the richest source of chlorophyll. Excellent to purify blood and to nourish your liver. It is recommended to consumebefore dinner. For better results, take before every meal. It is recommended to take one serving every 2 hours when you work late at night