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The Most Expensive Saliva on Earth

A country develops in alliance with its citizens. This year, Malaysia turns 60 but Eu Yan Sang turns 138! Similar to a country, a brand develops and improves in alliance with its consumers. Take a look on the innovation of Eu Yan Sang bird’s nest series. 

Did You Know?

Superior edible bird's nests were introduced into China around 450 years ago in the Ming Dynasty. According to historical evidence, Cheng-Ho was the one who brought the precious nests from Southeast Asia to the Chinese emperor. These precious clumps of dried saliva were barter traded with the Tang ceramics. Bird's nest has been recognized as a royal food with the ability to nourish the Yin, and moisten lungs.

Caviar of the East

The nutrients are the precious! It consists of the varieties of glycol-proteins available within, constituting about 80% of the edible portion. Ask people around you about bird’s nest! You’ll get a common answer: It is good for the skin! In 1981, American scientists discovered its beneficial wonders in the form of 2 collagen-rich amino acids that can accelerate cell multiplication and epidermis growth. In simpler terms, it is like a beauty DNA that activates cell regeneration, restore skin’s firmness, structure and youthfulness.

How do we rectify this?

In 1992, Professor YC Kong of Chinese University of Hong Kong identified Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Mitogenic Stimulation Factor (MSF) in bird’s nest that stimulate cell divisions, enhance tissue growth and promote cell-mediated immunity in our bodies to keep our skin’s radiant glow.

The Evolution, the Pioneer

Bird’s nest requires tedious preparation and time to double-boil. Eu Yan Sang then innovated bird’s nest into Ready-to-Drink Bird’s Nest. Being acclaimed to be the pioneer in introducing the convenient and RTD bird’s nests, Eu Yan Sang first introduced this series in 1990s. Compared to traditionally boiled bird’s nest, we launched RTD series to simplify consumer’s hectic lifestyle. We want this healthy and precious food can be readily anytime, anywhere.

This is best suitable for younger working adults who stay alone with hectic work and life. Traditionally boiled bird’s nest is the general practice of one generation older than current working adults. With traditional and conventional bind under Eu Yan Sang, we ensure we are always close to our consumers of all ages.

Do-You-Know Facts (on EYS bird’s nest):

Be it traditional edible bird’s nest or ready to drink series, Eu Yan Sang provides superior quality bird’s nest as this is our commitment to our consumers. What’s better? Both our bird’s nest and RTD bird’s nest series are:

  • 100% natural
  • No artificial colouring
  • No flavouring
  • No preservatives
  • No stabiliser

Eu Yan Sang’s Hua Yan series was introduced in 2001 at Genting Highlands. You can see tricolour strands in Hua Yan bird’s nests—red, orange, white. Why? Because these nests absorbed the minerals on the wall of the caves. The original goodness of cave-minerals and nutrients from the swiftlet’s rich diet is maintained in a complete whole-piece!

MaSia Bird’s Nest is our most premium bird’s nest series, harvested from the caves of Banjarmasin, Kalimantan.

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