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6 Ideas for Giving "The Gift of Health"

Year end is all around joyous celebration! Gifting is a must besides hectic dinner gatherings. Instead of buying standard gifts such as gift cards, candies, or even cookies, why don’t you consider giving the gift of health this year?

1. Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is known for its velvety black colour and rich flavour. Do you know it’s made from grapes? It is one of the artisan products from Italy, fermented for a minimum of few years. Hence, time is the key to ferment balsamic vinegar.

Giving them a bottle can definitely let them explore new flavours and health benefits!

2. Healthy Edible Oil

It’s the trend! Edible oil isn’t solely for cooking purpose anymore, it is one of the most important elements for good health. The wonders of oil (fats):

  • Provides energy to the body
  • Maintains body temperature
  • Protects our internal organs
  • Stabilises the nerves and forms the cell membrane
  • Helps on absorption on vitamin A, E, K

Even the immune system and nerve function require oil to conduct!

Virgin and cold-pressed oil is most suitable as a healthy gift! But bear in mind that this kind of oil is not suitable for high-heat cooking!

3. Water Bottle

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own water bottle outdoor to replenish water. The materials used to produce water bottle play a crucial role. If you are used to warm/hot water drinking, stainless steel and insulated materials would best suit your needs!

Plastic water bottles are usually filled with room temperature or lukewarm water. Be sure to keep an eye on the below:

  • Are the heat resistance materials used durable?
  • What is the number of PP materials used? No. 5 or no. 7?
  • Is it BPA-free?

This gift is best suitable for small kids, outdoor goers or even elderlies!

4. Blood Pressure Monitor

The word “blood pressure” would surround you when your parents or elderlies are ageing gradually. As hypertension has become a common sickness these days, gifting of blood pressure monitor is a caring option. Every household should own one! This enables them to have themselves measured for convenience and health check.

This isn’t a one-time measurement for the elderlies. They have to measure their blood pressure daily to keep track on their health progress.

Pick a simple yet functional blood pressure monitor will do. As the accuracy of measurement is important, it is recommended to choose trusted brands, digital plus arm-type of blood pressure monitor with compact so it can be easily stored when not in use!

5. Gift Hampers (Healthy ones!)

Let’s not forget that the elderlies deserve some love from us! A healthy gift box or hamper is the ideal choice. But first,

  • understand the supplements they consume.
  • are the supplements you choose suitable for long-term consumption?

Lastly, choose trusted brands.

  6. Bonsai/Seeds

If you have friends who like gardening or planting, why don’t you consider potted plants, vegetable seeds, or gardening supplies as gifts? They would love you even more!