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Be on the Right Track with Organic Diet

Organic food is relatively clean, but when it comes to how to gain most health benefits with organic diet, it depends on how you do it!

Taiwan’s well-known macrobiotics expert Wang Ming Yung considers organic juices can purify our bodies, but note that the organic diet for resisting cancer should be in reduced salt, while added withmore organic fresh juices" but it is recommended to pay attention to several key points, including partselection and colour of fruits and vegetables, such as root vegetables, bean sprouts, leafy vegetables to be served along with local seasonal fruits and vegetables. For example, fruits with abundant enzymes like pineapple, papaya, kiwi and apple can be used in different days, but try not to choose fruits that are too sweet. Make it a fixed practice to drink it once a day, before breakfast or lunch. We often say that one should consume 9 fruits and vegetables every day (kids 5, women 7, men 9), and by practising so you get to achieve this recommended diet proportion which you won’t probably be having such amount of servings in general diet habit.

Furthermore, Wang Ming Yung also recommends to blend washed fruits and vegetables to lean soup or juice drink, as the body will be able to absorb the nutrients and enzymes in undamaged condition, which the most notable result isthe constipation will improve, which in turns brings better complexion and skin tone, and the blood can come relatively clean, as well as lowered blood pressure and blood sugar. Besides, it helps eliminate weariness, as clean organic foods can reduce the accumulation of toxins which brings liver detoxification and, thus no accumulation of toxins which result in cancer risk.