Do-it-yourself Skin Remedies

By EYSI. 10 Jan 2014

Face Massage 

• Massage the acupoints Yintang (印堂) and Yingxiang (迎香) using gentle circular movements.

• Do this 60 times in a single session every day to help improve the circulation in your face and overall complexion.

Face Mask

This mask helps treat a dry or oily complexion. It also contains pearl powder that whitens and smoothens the skin. Not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

• Mix 0.2g of pearl powder and 1–2ml of fresh milk.

• For dry skin, add ½ tsp of egg yolk to the mixture.

• If you have oily skin, add ½ tsp of egg white instead.

• Apply the mask to a clean face and leave for 20 minutes.

• Wash off with water. If needed, follow with moisturiser.

Remedies contributed by Senior Physician Tang Yue from Eu Yan Sang Premier TCM Centre@ Orchard Paragon.