General Wellness

Go Green in Your Daily Life

Take note on your water consumption in daily life.

According to a survey, water consumption nowadays is 70% more than in 40 years ago. People are actually wasting water without even realizing it, like while brushing teeth, bathing, cooking, washing, which we are letting the water flows unceasingly. This will hasten the Earth's drought crisis. In fact, 10 litres of water is enough to sustain our daily water usage, be them poor or rich ones.Besides, the water used to flush the toilet bowl for once is almost equal to the water volume mentioned.

* Carbon dioxide emissions from transports.

Transports sector makes up a proportion of 22% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, and half of the 22% comes from personally owned cars. Do consider the co-car plan and public transports!

*More vegetable, less meat.

Japanese scientists found that one kilogram of beef, from breeding to the sales process, would manufacture 36.4 kg of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to driving three hours straight, or the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the lights at home. Moreover, livestock is a very anti-environmental friendly industry; the study found out that to produce 1 kg of meat, 7 kilograms of grain are needed to feed the livestock, resulting in food shortages. In other words, vegetarian diet helps slow down global warming.

* Consume seasonal fruits, vegetables and local goods.

The goods you are buying take a long journey to reach your place from their origins. The longer the distance, the greater the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, especially the air transports. Additionally, eating seasonal fruits can reduce environmental pollution casted by preservatives, so please try to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and use locally produced goods.

* Garbage decomposing manufactures methane, thus exaggerates global warming.

Waste cannot be recycledand will be sent to a landfill which the decomposition process will produce and release the greenhouse gas – methane. Methane seeped into the atmosphere brings 21 times more damage to the Earth than carbon dioxide.Hence, we should categorize all the garbage we have before they are thrown away accordingly to reduce such impact.