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Women's 30 to 40: Emotional Instability, Increased Blood Pressure

Unstable emotions lead to a rise in blood pressure. Moreover, lack of exercise plus unbalanced diet lead to another wave of health attack—Heart disease. Dr. Hassan pointed out those females who age between 30 to 40 years old will not suffer from heart disease because the estrogen still protects the heart. However, when the estrogen starts to decrease after menopause, it will be a big risk as all diseases will start to attack you.


In a report stated by National Heart Association of Malaysia (NHAM) on September, 10 percent of the females died of cancer whereas 25 percent of the females died of heart disease between years 1999-2006. Therefore, heart disease has become the no.1 killer among females. One in fourdiagnosed women dies from heart disease.


Dr. Hassan said that heart disease is preventable and treatable. But women seek heart disease as man’s agency so they don’t care enough for their hearts. In fact, they neglected cardiac care and result in heart disease.