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7 Things You Should Know About Notoginseng

The Chinese herb Notoginseng (Tianqi, 田七) has distinctive health benefits, especially for the blood and circulation. Did you know these facts and beliefs about Notoginseng?

1. Notoginseng can relieve pain by promoting blood circulation.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), aches and pains may be caused by poor blood flow. Since Notoginseng is believed to improve circulation, it may be used for pain relief.

2. Notoginseng helps stop bleeding.

In TCM, the herb is widely used to treat traumatic injuries and various kinds of bleeding. At home, Notoginseng can be used to make a drink that promotes the healing of minor scrapes and cuts. To make the drink for adults, double-boil 2 qian (8g) of Notoginseng in fresh water. For children, use 1–1.5 qian (4–6g). This drink should be consumed only during the period of recovery and should not be used over the long term.

3. The finest Notoginseng is said to come from two areas in southern China.

Wenshan in Yunnan province and Jingxi in Guangxi province provide moderate temperatures and sufficient rainfall to grow the best-quality Notoginseng.

4. Notoginseng may aid in physical growth during puberty.

Notoginseng is used by some parents to promote the development of their children during puberty.* The ability of Notoginseng to enhance circulation and prevent blood stasis is said to improve the flow of nutrients to growing bones and around the body.

5. Notoginseng is also known in Chinese as Sanqi, which means “Three Seven”.

This name comes from the belief that the herb is more effective when harvested between three and seven years after planting.

6. Notoginseng is a suitable remedy for women after childbirth.

With its ability to stop excessive bleeding and clear lochia (postnatal discharge), Notoginseng can be beneficial for women who have given birth. However, Notoginseng should be avoided altogether during pregnancy.

7. Notoginseng can be beneficial for preventing and treating heart disease.

Notoginseng may be effective in lowering cholesterol. Studies have also suggested that Notoginseng can help reduce chest pain caused by coronary heart disease.


*This information is for general reference only and should not be regarded as a prescription. Notoginseng should not be used as a long-term supplement. As each child has a unique body constitution, we recommend that parents consult a certified TCM physician for advice on administering the herb.