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Estrogen Can Determine Your Body Shape

There are experts claiming that the body shape of oneself is closely linked with the level of estrogen, is that for real?


Dr. Lin You Zheng says due to excessive intake of sugar, with the ease of sugar to be converted to fat, causing subcutaneous fat to constantly thicken, so women with strong estrogen are mostly obese, and since most of the accumulation of fat happens in the legs and buttocks part, it ultimately leadsto the formation of the so-called pear-shaped body.


"Another kind of hormone called progestin can enhance basal metabolism, break down fat and promote mammary alveolar growth, thus firming the breasts." It is worth noting that, although estrogen makes the accumulation of fat in the breast to promote the development of mammary ducts, but not much on lobule of mammary gland, and because progesterone can promote breast development and prolactin secretion of milk, which this situation occurs in the post-natal. There will be no milk secretion if there is only progesterone.


He went on to say, progesterone helps maintain normal pregnancy. After ovulation women will enter the luteal phase, the phase where estrogen slowly declines while progesterone increases, relying on the corpus luteum to maintain the concentration of progesterone. About 14 days later, estrogen and progesterone level will drop, and woman will enter the menstrual period.


"Lack of progesterone leads to breast swelling, especially just before the menstruationcomes. Lack of progesterone can also cause anxiety, stress, sentiment, headache, abdominal pain, excessive menstrual blood and obesity. Such obesity is similar to pear-shaped body, associated with swollen feet and hand.”


So does it mean that estrogen causes fat gaining and progesterone causes weight losing? Dr. Lin clarified that this statement is only partially correct, because the enhancement of basal metabolic is not only assisted by progesterone but also by another hormone called thyroid, which its ability in controlling metabolism rate is greater than progesterone.