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Get Your Essential Beauty on the Go

Have you ever wondered why ladies are crazy about bird’s nest? Are you not curious about WHAT exactly made them best friends with bird’s nest? Bird’s nest eating is considered minimal because the benefits of bird’s nest is hardly available and it comes with a hefty price. Who would want to risk this? But, knowing its worthiness is worth every penny!

With the gift of nature, supplemented by modern scientific and prudent approach, Yèn Ready-to-drink (RTD) series satisfies modern women’s pursue on “beauty”.

Wait, what does “Beauty on the go” have to do with Yen series? It represents the ultimate in modern convenience for the lady on the go.

Yèn’s philosophy is to serve only the purest bird’s nest essence for one’s health and beauty in a bottle. The main benefits of consuming bird's nest:

1. Fair and smoother complexion

Admit it, this is every lady’s dreams to have radiant, flawless, soft, and smooth skin. With this, you gain higher confidence in yourself and confident ladies are guys’ favourite!

In 1981, an American scientist discovered bird’s nest beneficial wonders in the form of 2 collagen-rich amino acids that can speed up cell division, promoting epidermal growth.

You got that right ladies – you’ll have an increased chance of regenerating newer and younger faces on a weekly, or even daily basis, depending on how often you consume bird's nest, and how much your body can absorb in a given time. This varies according to each individual.

2. Anti-ageing properties

And again, this is every lady’s to-do list, to stay forever young. Bird’s nest is:

  • Rich in cell division inducing hormones and epidermal growth factor that stimulate the proliferation and regeneration of variety cells, rapid repair on damaged epidermis, have healing effect on burned skin, gastric ulcers and corneal damage.
  • Rich in collagen, can maintain the support, strength and elasticity on the dermis layer.

3. Natural multi minerals

We can’t deny there are a variety of products for slimming, skin brightening, etc. Every lady has probably tried one or two in their lifetime and realised the efficacy isn’t as expected. So why not try taking bird’s nest regularly as a change instead?

Bird’s nest:

  • Contains 17 types of amino acids
  • Contains anti-oxidation
  • Promotes Mutagenic Stimulation Factor (MSF)
  • Contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)
  • Rich in sialic acid
  • Glycoproteins

4. Nourishes the lungs, reduces cough and improves respiratory system

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), bird’s nest has great efficacy on chronic respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, tracheitis, bronchitis, etc. as it is Yin-nourishing and boosts the lungs. It can achieve lungs cleansing for smokers who smoke in the long run.

 5. Strengthens Immune System

Regular consumption on bird’s nest strengthens your immune system. Too busy for it? Yen RTD series does the same and here’s why:

  • Promotes Mitogenic Stimulation Factor and Epidermal Growth Factor, promote cell-mediated immunity function.
  • The active glycoproteins in bird’s nest fights bacteria and virus attacks efficiently, increases cell recognition and hence, enhances immunity.
  • Bird’s nest contains crucial active ingredients, i.e. amino acids that clears oxidised cells and increase immunity function.

6. Builds healthy spleen and stomach, tonifies Qi

Bird’s nest is sweet and tonifies the spleen. This helps to increase the appetite of patients who have just undergone operation, the elderly and even kids.

Bird’s nest helps to repair damaged tissues, suitable for people who experience gastric haemorrhaege and gastric ulcer.

Bird’s nest is neutral in properties, suitable for weak constitution and for those who wishes to tonifiy Qi. It is also suitable for those recovering from operation and nourishing for people who are overly exhausted.