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The Making of Hamper Basket

Anhui Province is renowned for its wicker handicrafts. Willow wickers are soft, pliable and come in uniform thickness and elegant colours. To produce the best wickers, soil and species used for cultivation plan an important part. After the willows are harvested, they undergo a tedious 7-stage process of selection, dyeing, soaking, weaving, fumigation, drying, lacquer coating – all done using manual labour. Wickers are then hand-woven into creative shapes to make various naturally elegant,durable and practical handicrafts.

Besides willow wickers, baskets made from corn husks and water weeds are popular handicrafts too. Corn husks have coarse grain, thus giving the baskets a rugged and tougher feel. Water weeds are smooth and pliable.

Being able to withstand moisture, they dry easily and are not prone to mold. This helps them to maintain their shape, thus making water weed basket practical for the humid climate in Malaysia.

As the world move towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, the use of willow and straw-woven ware not only reduces deforestation but also chemical pollution, thus contributing to environmental conservation.

This Chinese New Year, Eu Yan Sang takes pride in presenting your hampers in premium basket made in Anhui Province. Every hamper is a gift of appreciation, dedication and the commitment to make the world a greener place.