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6 Types of Gift to Choose

It’s the season of gifting! But what makes a great gift? Chocolates, gift baskets, or gift cards? There are few important elements to consider. Let’s see. A great gift:

  • should be relevant (Depends on the person who is receiving it)
  • should show that you value the person
  • should show that you have indeed put great effort on it

So here are a few types of gifts that can send a great message and even take the relationship to the next level!

1. An experience

Give your client/friends/lover/family an experience. Be it from cooking class, DIY pottery making class to diving class. Get to know their interest! For business owners, this can be a great gift to your privileged customers. Experience based gifts are considered as priceless gifts. Not all experiences need to cost a bomb, explore the city and you can find affordable and cool experiences that you can buy as gifts!

2. A book

A well-considered book is an excellent gift. If you follow the current trend, you can purchase e-books as gifts and save some trees! Some would still prefer physical copy of a book. So, hit the bookstore and pick the book that you think suits most for the person! Or browse the web for a copy of e-book!

3. A gift basket

In Malaysia, we usually say “hampers”. Gift baskets usually contain products that people seldom buy. Yes, they end up being included in a gift basket. But, as a smart consumer (yes, you!), fill your gift basket with relevant and customised products! Everyone is different and so their gift baskets are! Think about the person receiving the gift basket, what is their consideration, their needs, etc. They’ll show you a wide smile when they receive!

4. A unique gift

What was your best unique gift ever received? Mine was a customised photo frame made by my cousin! Customised gifts may not be the most beautiful, expensive gifts you can find but they are totally unique and memorable! This even mean that the gift is 100% about the person receiving it. Painted Tees, framed photos, short film, GIFs, photo collage, bath scrubs, homemade soaps, etc. You name it!

5. An impulsive gift

Give them a surprise! As business owners, surprise your customer with your gift. They will least expect this. For instance, a coffee shop owner giving a cup of complimentary coffee to the customer as part of thanking them for the business. Impulsive gifts are quite meaningful and sincere, business owners can consider giving their customers this kind of surprise gift!

6. A wellness gift

Do you know this personal gift creates good connection? Buy her a detox wellness programme (affordable one, of course!) as we are sure she has been eyeing for quite some time, hesitating whether to splurge on it! If you buy a gift voucher for a day of spa pampering, it would be hard for your client/friends/family not to feel a wonderful sense of gratitude regarding your gift. You gave them a day of indulgence, being pampered, and you helped them to feel good physically and mentally.