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Meats are Okay in Organic Diet

Many people think that it means to be a vegetarian if you’re doing organic diet. Taiwan’s well-known macrobiotics expert Wang Ming Yung said: "The so-called organic diet is not just vegetables and fruits but also organic eggs, meat and fish. Still, he generally encouraged everyone to eat less meat to reduce protein intake, because nowadays people tend to intake too much protein which is likely to cause cancer. Besides, the suggested intake of protein components of the United States is now being praised as 'My Plate’, which animal protein should contribute to only one eight of every meal.


Milk and meat that we usually eat and drink are most likely added with antibiotics or hormones. For example, one chicken imported from China is added with 18 kinds of antibiotics. By keeping the organic diet we can avoid the harmful consequences caused by polluted foods. In addition, organic foods are rich in nutrients and minerals, which in turns help us resist cancer and boost us with rich antioxidants.