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1. Fortify your Immune System

TCM believes that when the Protective Qi is at equilibrium, your body’s natural resistance against diseases and healing ability are at their optimum. The rule of thumb is to remove the excess and replenish the deficiency, so as to maintain a balance of Yin and Yang, as well as a healthy body.

Chinese herbs widely used to reinforce Qi and fortify immune system are Astragalus Root (Huangqi, 黄芪), Solomon’s Seal Rhizome (Huangjing, 黄精), Codonopsis Root (Dangshen, 党参), Ginseng (Renshen, 人参), Ganoderma Mushroom (Lingzhi. 灵芝) and Cordyceps (Dongcongxiacao, 冬虫夏草).

2. Get Adequate Rest

A proper work-rest balance is crucial for your body to recharge and maintain internal harmony. Work and rest according to your body’s meridian clock to help keep your body function at its optimum.

3. De-stress

Stress is one of the lifestyle factors that may trigger diseases. Adequate physical exercise, rest, diet, acupuncture or Chinese herbs can all play a part to relieve stress.

4. Have a Proper Diet

Eating too much greasy, sweet, chilled or raw foods will lead to stagnation of Qi. This stagnation will in turn cause diseases, pain or more severe imbalances in your body. Alter your dietary habits to promote healthy digestion.

5. Exercise

Moderate exercises help in the smooth flow of Qi and Blood. Workouts such as Taichi are believed to help in generating, storing and reinforcing Qi in your body.