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These simple tips can boost your longevity and help you live a life that is more fulfilling and enjoyable.

1. Walk

Walk for at least 30 minutes every day. Walking not only increases heart and lung fitness, it also reduces heart disease and stroke. These benefits lead to stronger bones, improved balance and a decrease in body fat.

In Chinese medicine, walking is the perfect low-impact exercise for promoting digestion.

2. Know Your Purpose

Studies have shown that if you have a purpose in life, you will live up to seven years longer. Purpose in life is crucial for psychological wellness, which in turn affects physical health.

3. Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Fill your meals with beans, nuts and green vegetables. Rich in fibre and other nutrients, these foods can help protect against heart disease and cancer, two leading causes of mortality.

4. Eat Less, Live Longer

Control the amount of food you consume at each meal by chewing slowly. Stop eating when you are about three-quarters full. Smaller meals improve digestion and boost metabolism.

5. Keep a Social Network

Friends have a long-term and measurable impact on your health and longevity. Expand your social circle to include healthy-minded, supportive people—it can add years to your life.


This article was adapted from “Why Women Live Longer” in the Apr-Jun 2012 issue of NATURA, your guide to natural wellness.