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Whether a young professional, a busy mother, or approaching the twilight years, women all face a slew of issues unique to their gender. Qigong, which is based on TCM fundamentals, offers exceptional benefits when it comes to women’s health.

Here are some ways the gentle exercise helps every woman:

1. Reduced PMS
Some qigong manoeuvres specifically aid women’s pelvic health. While gentle, the moves provide a deep inner massage which strengthens the organs and enhances their functions, easing the body through its monthly cycles. Most of the uncomfortable symptoms women encounter during menstruation are indicators of underlying hormonal imbalances. Once you have regained that balance, such issues can become a thing of the past for you.

2. Smooth pregnancies
In promoting pelvic health, qigong also provides the best preparation for pregnancy. Certain forms such as Jade Woman are particularly helpful in the first two trimesters, while Nourishing Woman can be practised both throughout the pregnancy as well as after delivery. The benefits are shared with the baby even after birth, as qigong supports the production of abundant and nutritious breast milk.

3. Emotional stability
Women, by nature, spend as much time taking care of others as of themselves, if not more. Qigong regulates your hormone levels and encourages a positive, relaxed emotional state to combat exhaustion, migraine, depression and insomnia. Both the physical and mental aspects of the exercise work to ensure your emotional health, leaving you ready to take on the world!

4. Youthfulness and beauty
Because qigong helps to constantly replenish the acquired Jing of the kidneys, it creates a better constitution and can delay most of the aging processes. Through qigong, the immune system is strong, bones are fortified, muscles and tendons remain flexible, sexual vitality is enhanced, the body is energised, the mind is sharp and the spirit is high, even into the silver age.

Along with inner health comes outer beauty. Enjoy beautiful skin, eyes, teeth, nails and hair for a long time to come.

5. Increased gracefulness
Qigong’s slow, gentle movements enhance balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility, everything a graceful woman needs. In aligning your body correctly during the routine, you’ll find your posture improving. This gentle art also helps women to draw from their natural feminine power, creating a soft yet strong person.

6. Easing into menopause
Transitioning into this later stage of life can be an uneasy and distressing time. Qigong prepares the body by bringing a woman’s organs and hormone levels to a healthy state of equilibrium, so that the usual complaints, such as hot flashes and anxiety, are minimised, even absent.

Practising qigong is every woman’s key to becoming ageless, happy and healthy. Why not give yourself that head start today?