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In general, a difficulty in falling asleep is usually associated with an excess condition - when heat pathogens build up and disrupt the balance in the Liver or Gallbladder meridians. Waking up easily from sleep and having difficulty falling back to sleep are signs of deficiency in Blood and Qi. Dream-disturbed sleep may be associated with imbalances in the Spleen or Heart meridians.

Observe your sleep pattern and seek your physician’s consultation if your insomnia problem persists for more than two weeks.

What Dreams Tell You About Your Health?

Dreams have been studied for more than 2000 years. According to the TCM classic -- The Spiritual Axis (Lingshu, 灵枢) -- there is an imbalance of Qi when one dreams of:

• Being angry - Qi Excess in the Liver. 

• Forests in the mountains – Qi Deficiency in the Liver. 

• Having a large meal - Qi Deficiency in the Stomach. 

• Open fields - Qi Deficiency in the Large Intestines. 

• Weeping, worry, flying or being fearful - Qi Excess in the Lungs. 

• Being immersed in water - Qi Deficiency in the Kidneys.

Dreams are generally due to factors such as the Deficiency of Yin and Blood, the accumulation of Heat and Phlegm in the body, and having excess stress or improper eating habits.