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To look pretty is a lifelong pursuit of a woman.  However, being a woman today, maintaining one’s beauty and remaining young forever seems difficult because time and tide wait for no man! Especially after turning 25, there will be a massive loss of collagen and her skin will start showing signs of ageing, like fine wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sagging, pigmentation, etc.

Our skin has a three-layered structure known as the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The dermis is the largest and the most important portion. And collagen forms its key element. Collagen spreads over our entire body other than the skin, and it is also found in the tissues of our articular cartilage, hair, nails, ligaments, tendon, etc, and it helps to maintain the shape and function of these tissues! 

As we age, the production of collagen in our bodies decreases, and with environmental harms like pollution, damages caused by UV rays, life pressure, staying late at night etc, this causes the loss of collagen to exceed its production. When there is insufficient collagen in our body, it is most visible through the ageing of our skin and appearance. 

Not only this, if there is insufficient collagen in your hair, nails, etc, they will break down easily. Hence, the loss of collagen in the human body will not merely affect your skin appearance, but the health of other tissues as well!

Will eating more pork knuckles, chicken feet, fish skin that are rich in collagen be the remedy to prevent this? 

No! Though these foods are rich in collagen, their collagen molecules are too big, causing the collagen to break down into amino acids as they pass through our digestive tract, and it will not effectively activate the cell in our body to produce collagen. Instead, you will consume a lot of calories, cholesterol and fat! Therefore, if you are consuming these as collagen supplement, don’t be silly as your wrinkles would still be there! 

How then should we consume collagen for it to be effective? 

If you want to eat, then you have to consume the right collagen peptide to begin your age lock journey!

So what is this peptide all about?

Collagen peptide is simply a smaller molecule of hydrolysed collagen. Collagen contained in the food must be extracted through an advanced hydrolysis technology, where the bigger molecule of collagen is hydrolysed into smaller molecules of collagen peptide, which retain the activity of collagen so that it could be absorbed by the digestive tract of the human body and enter the blood for it to be transported to various tissues for their usage, to activate various tissue cells to produce collagen.

Currently, many studies showed that with the consistent consumption of collagen peptide, the skin collagen in the human body is seen to be effectively restored which leads to the regain of skin elasticity. 

We can’t prevent the loss of collagen in the human body, but we can at least reduce the speed of the process through our lifestyle. Don’t ever assume that a supplementary of collagen is a panacea. Basically, a balanced diet with a variety of food and a sugar intake limit, regular exercise, less staying up all night, protection from sun, etc, are things that we need to do, so that our skin and other tissues will not age prematurely! If you don’t want to be mistaken as an aunty, then don’t procrastinate in rescuing your skin, by letting those wrinkles to deceive others about your real age!