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Young and not even 40 yet, but your eyes are failing you?
Eye fatigue? Dryness? Eyesore? Red eyes? Blurry vision? All these are symptoms of overusing your eyes!
Nowadays, people excessively rely on 3C products. Working people have to spend long hours facing their computer or handphone screens, and students have to spend long hours on the computer because of their online classes. As for the remaining time, people either watch TV, play computer games or scroll their handphones. In this advanced Internet 3C age, our eyes are truly overworked!

What is there in our handphones or computers that it becomes the number one enemy of our eyes? It turns out that blue light is the culprit! Actually, blue light exists everywhere in nature, it helps us to identify blue coloured pigment, suppress the secretion of melatonin and keep us awake.

However, do you know that misuse or overuse of 3C electronic products will cause our eyes to be hurt by blue light? The blue light produced by the 3C products is a kind of shortwave high energy light, it can penetrate our cornea and lens, and go directly to our retina and produce free radicals, causing damages to our retina. Moreover, if we face the screen for long hours, the frequency of blinking will be reduced, and our cornea will turn dry. In addition to making our eyes overfatigue, it leads to various eye diseases, like eye-sight degeneration, short-sightedness, cataract, maculopathy, etc!

However, we often neglect the signal of help from our eyes! Still watching drama and playing with our handphones throughout the whole night?

Since our lives become indispensable with computers or handphones, we can learn these three smart technique:
1. Practice the “20-20-20” principle – After using the electronic product for 20 minutes, look far away about 20 feet distance (beyond 6m) for 20 seconds to relax your eyes.
2. Regulate the brightness of your screen to a moderate level and enlarge the words on the screen. Keep your eyes at least 20 inches away from the screen.
3. Consume more nutritious elements that help to protect the health of your eyes, like lutein and Zeaxanthin, astaxanthin and Omega-3. All these are natural antioxidant stored in our eyes, and it helps to filter and resist harms caused by the blue light. Because our body is unable to compound these four elements by itself, hence we have to replenish them through dietary intake.

Of course, the most important thing would be maintaining sufficient sleep because sleep is the most important healthcare product for our eyes. Not enough sleep will cause eye dryness and blurry vision, etc. We suggest that you minimize playing with your handphone to avoid strong stimulation of blue light on your cornea that will make it hard to fall asleep or affect the quality of your sleep.

Our eyes are the window to our soul and it is a very important organ. If you want to continue to use your eyes to appreciate this beautiful world, start protecting them well from today onwards!