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Should fruits be taken before meals or after meals? Or, should we eat together with the food? Which will be better?
Regarding when to eat fruits, I believe everyone has heard many sayings about it. When will it be better for us to take fruits?

The answer is: Before or after meals are both fine!

The most important thing is to have a good control of the quantity consumed. Fruits taken before or after meals provide different advantages to our bodies, and it all depends on your body’s condition, needs, or whether you have other sickness, your digestive condition and the nature of the fruits themselves. 

[Eating fruits before meals]

Eating fruits before meals helps to increase the absorption of vitamins, especially water-soluble vitamins B & C. Eating fruits before meals can promote satiety and help to reduce one’s food intake, so that we will not overeat during meals. For those who want to control their body weight, this will help! Fruits are rich in vitamins and dietary fibre, they can slow down the process of stomach emptying. However, we suggest you to choose high fibre fruits, like guava, dragon-fruit, apple and water guava, etc., and to avoid fruits that are too sweet or sour, like lemon or orange. This is because fruits that are too sour will stimulate our stomach, and cause stomach acid to be over produced. Fruits that are too sweet, like watermelon, lychee, will stimulate the stomach and cause heartburn reflux. Moreover, we suggest that those who have stomach problem not to take fruits with an empty stomach, as well as those who have diabetes, to avoid sugar found in fruits to cause their sugar level to spike.

[Eating fruits after meals]

There are benefits too to take fruits after meals! It helps to increase the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K contained in the fruits, and the digestion and absorption of micro-elements. All these nutrients will be absorbed along with the fats found in other food. Hence, fruits are definitely healthy desserts after meals. Fruits that are rich in Vitamin A, like papaya, mango and watermelon, and fruits that are rich in vitamins E, like kiwi and avocado, their nutrition will be more fully absorbed if they are taken together with food. In addition to this, if you are eating fruits to help your digestion, then you should choose fruits that contain digestive enzymes, such as pineapple, papaya and kiwi. They are enzymes that help to digest the protein!

However, it is important to control your consumption to single or double portion. A single portion of fruit is roughly equivalent to the size of a fist. Over-consumption might cause uneasiness in your stomach such as gastric, which will lead to increased burden to your stomach!

The rich nutrients in fruits can enhance the metabolism and excretion process of our body. It delays the process of aging and moisturizes your skin. There are many advantages! Hence, everybody, don’t be bothered by this query any longer! Unless you have a special body condition which requires more care, you can eat fruits either before or after meals. Most importantly is that you eat it every day!