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After a whole day of busy work, Faba took a train back home. Suddenly, the auntie standing next to Faba sneezed and coughed, but she didn’t cover her mouth and her nose! Faba didn’t take it seriously, and he continued swiping his hand phone and reading the news. He didn’t notice that the droplets of the auntie had landed on his wrist and on the surface of his hand phone! Fama approached Faba and welcomed him with a hug when he arrived home. Faba then spent his sweet hours with Fadi and Famei in their living room, watching TV and chit-chatting together. After a while, Fama finished preparing dinner and the whole family dined together. Everybody happily conversed and shared about some interesting issues they encountered that day. Fadi and Famei went to school the next day and they played around with their classmates happily….
Wait a moment! These are wrong examples!

Covid-19 pandemic has spread throughout the world continuously and it mainly transmits through contact through the droplets or saliva of the infected person. Just take the example of the auntie whose sneeze droplets landed on the hands of Faba. If the auntie was infected with Covid-19, she would have transmitted her virus to Faba unconsciously! If Faba didn’t wash his hands or take a bath after arriving home, and went on to be in touch with his family, he would then passed on the virus to Fama, Fadi and Famei unknowingly too, even if it is through a simple  hand touch or some unconscious movements. The virus would invade them unexpectedly and Fadi and Famei would pass on their virus to their classmates afterwards. It will then turn out to be an endless widespread!

Once the virus enters the human body, it will stay in the lungs and affect the respiratory system eventually, turning the healthy lungs to “white lungs”, and causing difficulty in breathing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. If it becomes worse, It might lead to organ failure and even death to that person! 

We can’t do much with the invisible virus, yet every step we take in our precaution is very important. Though wearing masks could be helpful in stopping the transmission through droplets, it is best that we wash our hands frequently with soap and water to prevent infection of the virus. Hand wash does more than cleansing away the virus you carry, but it keeps you safe from infection if you touch your eyes, mouth and nose subsequently. At the same time, it helps to avoid the passing of virus to the next innocent person! 

Hence, we should never ignore the importance of hand washing even when we are in the   non-pandemic period.  Apart from the Covid-19, hand wash will also terminate the spreading of many other germs and viruses. Last but not the least, Health 123 wishes everybody to remain healthy and peaceful.

Wash your hands frequently and the virus will flee!  Remember to stay at home during the MCO!